Xamarin.iOS Features

Presented below is the list of features which MugenMvvm provides to Xamarin.iOS:

  • Work with UIViewController is supported. There are exists MugenMvvm implementation for each of standard iOS UIViewController (name convention is 'Mvvm'+<UIViewController's name>). In order to successfully work with MugenMvvm you must inherit appropriate Mvvm implementation of UIViewController. For instance, if you would match a UIViewController with a ViewModel, so after you call ShowAsync navigation on UIViewController of this type will be made.
  • Support of modal navigation for UIViewController class is implemented.
    State control of UIViewController. State of any UIViewController is tracked "behind the scene", therefore you haven't manually invoke methods for save/restore the state of ViewModel.
  • There is implemented a conception of DataTemplateSelector, so one can select view template dynamically in runtime. This DataTemplateSelector is analogue of conception of DataTemplateSelector for Xaml platform (WPF, WinRT, etc).
  • MonoTouch.Dialog library is supported.